Membrasin W for Women

Our concept of total feminine vitality for the mucous membranes and skin has been praised by customers all over the world. Two unique solutions with the active ingredient of SBA24® Sea Buckthorn Oil for both long-term and short-term hydration.

MEMBRASIN Vitality Pearls

For hydration of all mucous membranes and skin, long-term effect*

  • Feel natural, confident and comfortable all over
  • Feel younger and more beautiful as your skin begins to glow
  • Feel desirable, lively and sexy as intimate mucous membranes are moisturized
  • Healthy mucosa is a shield for your body

* The product contains natural beta-carotene, source of vitamin A, which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes

MEMBRASIN Vaginal Vitality Cream (MD**)

The Cream will be launched Q1/2018

**MD = Medical Device